Chenxi VTC, abbr. Chenxi [CX], is a Chinese VTC originally founded on July 1, 2018, with more than 400 players and in average 30 participants of daily convoys.  We often organize our members to participate in large-scale events both domestically and internationally, meanwhile occasionally holding private prize-winning competitions. There are always private convoys within VTC at regular time every day. We are honored to be in Partnership Status with other professionally-organized VTCs of VIVA, Fast Cargo, LFS and GROFR, where we often communicate with management experiences, ongoing cooperation and event arrangements, with sharing some exclusive resources. Moreover, we possess experienced Management Team (, including Human Resources, Event Arrangement and Organization, in addition the Technical Support. Chenxi VTC is devoted to become the best Chinese VTC. In the meantime, we are always devoted into maintaining great gaming environment and international impressions. Players who enjoy playing simulation games are welcome to join Chenxi.